Pirates of the Caribbean 5 gets a 2017 release date


After many false starts and numerous delays, Pirates of the Caribbean is finally ready to set sail again, with Walt Disney Studios finally announcing the expected release date of the franchises fifth installment.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or been in a coma and don’t know, this film franchise famously stars Johnny Depp as the rum-loving pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and has earned US$3.7 billion at the worldwide box office since The Curse of the Black Pearl released in 2003.

Pirates five had been rumored for awhile to have a 2015 release date but script troubles or the fact that there currently actually isn’t a script caused the release to be pushed back.

This will be the first non Jerry Bruckheimer release of the franchise since he ended his relationship with Disney last year and moved to Paramount. Regardless, this film should earn boatloads of money when it hit’s theatres in 2017.


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