Police Reopen The Natalie Wood Case

The big news today is the Los Angeles police department reopened the case of Natalie Wood 30 years after the actresses death. What does this mean? Honestly, not very much, I mean it’s been 30 years and pretty much the only new lead police have is hearsay at best.

Now don’t get me wrong it may eventually become something now that police are investigating her death but any charges are a along way off unless someone just feels the urge to confess out of the blue. The only thing I see right now is this investigation will dredge up old issues and possibly make people suspicious of her husband at the time, Robert Wagner.

It’s not fair that some media outlets are already pointing fingers at Robert Wagner and to some extent Christopher Walken just because they were there that night. If his captain who was there that night who is now making all these claims is being in 100% truthful now why didn’t he bring these claims up 30 years ago when she died in 1981?

It just seems a bit off to me so before I say more I will wait until they actually get something that would be admissible in a court of law.

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