Prepare to be terminated. NBC names Arnold Schwarzenegger the new host of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Celebrity Apprentice will have a new host this year and his name is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

NBC announced Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new role as the boss on the hit show earlier today. It was also announced that the show will be moving to California.


It seems to be a pretty brilliant hire that marks off a lot boxes — A-list celebrity, big success in his chosen profession, already has a catch phrase (“Hasta la vista”), and don’t forget he’s also an immigrant. NBC reportedly was considering hiring a minority for the role in light of all the controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s comments. We’re not that Austrian exactly fits that bill.

It is kind of interesting they got a former politician to replace the guy who left to run for office.

Other people who were reportedly in the running reportedly included Magic Johnson, George Lopez, and Richard Branson.

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