Prize Winning Cuban Actors to Seek Asylum in Miami


Two of the lead actors who appeared in a prize winning film about escaping Cuba have now come forward out of hiding and confirmed that they are seeking political asylum in the United States. cuban-asylum

The Cuban actors actually went missing late last week while promoting their film in the United States. They were in route to the Tribeca Film Festival in New York where they were due to appear at the movie’s U.S. premiere but went into hiding instead.

Actress Anailin de la Rua and actor Javier Nunez, cast members of "Una Noche" ("One Night"), came out of hiding and did an interview with Miami-based Spanish language channel America TeVe

So they made a film about three Cuban teenagers who try to escape their homeland by sea on a raft to start a new life in Miami and nobody saw the possibility of life imitating art? Hopefully, they are granted asylum and have a wonderful life here in the United States. Anyway we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else on these actors.

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