Punisher TV Series May Be Coming To Fox

It looks like The Punisher may be coming to a TV near you. Fox has put a pilot commitment to the series which is based on the Marvel comic from Ed Bernero and ABC studios.

The Punisher is being described as an hour-long procedural TV show with a Marvel signature and a possible new take on the iconic comic book hero Frank Castle. This is the first sale of the buying season and the very first one ever for in which Disney owned Marvel has sold anything to a network other than ABC. Fox has been looking to get back into the comic book adaptation business after canceling Human Target and purchasing the rights to The Spectre which is based on the DC comics superhero.

I hope they give this one a chance because Punisher is one of my favorite comic book superheroes of all time and we all know that Fox can be a little quick to kill off a series if it’s not getting ratings out the gate.

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