Random Celebrity News: Zoolander 2, Lady Gaga and more


Sorry to inform you guys but apparently Zoolander is getting a sequel. That’s right the awful flick tumblr_lptymfBP2s1qg88mco1_500starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as male supermodels is a real film is actually getting made. Lady Gaga has been added to the cast and will be getting $4.8 million to take on the part of a female supermodel in the film.

Musician Drake, finished high school and received his diploma. I guess congratulations is in order since he is a multimillionaire and didn’t really have to go back. He finished his final exam and got a 97%. I wonder if he had a crappy celebration with his family afterwards like most people get when they graduate high school.

One of my favorite bit part actors Donal Logue has signed on to appear in the last three episodes of Sons of Anarchy’s 5th season. Last I remember seeing him was the miniscule role he had on USA televisions Royal Pains.

Last bit of news for the day is Hawaii Five-O as book Star Trek alumni George Takei to appear in an upcoming season three episode. The Star Trek star will play the uncle of Daniel Dae Kims’s Chin Ho Kelly, according to the official Twitter account of CBS television. His character will provide the team with important evidence to help solve the case. This episode is set to air in December.

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