Richard Coyle To Play KGB Spy On Covert Affairs


pusher-image-remake-richard-coyleIt looks like Annie is going to be getting entangled with a KGB operative in the upcoming season of Covert Affairs and that operative will be played by Richard Coyle. Coyle will be playing the role of Simon Fischer, a Cambridge educated and refined globetrotting venture capitalist. This is going to be a reoccurring role for Richard Coyle but the exact amount of episodes he will be in have yet to be released.

I missed Richard Coyle on television ever since he left the hit BBC television series Coupling where he played the dorky yet adorable character Jeff. Hopefully, this will give Mr. Coyle the opportunity to showcase his acting ability and allow him to eventually land a role on a television series of his own very soon.

If you can’t wait to get your Richard Coyle fix then look for his new movie Pusher which is due to hit theaters a little later this year.

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