Rick Rude to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

The WWE has finally righted a gigantic wrong and has decided to posthumously induct “Ravishing” Rick Rude into their 2017 Hall of Fame class in Orlando the night before Wrestlemania.

Earlier this week as you recall we announce that “Diamond” Dallas Page would be the first inductee honored this year. Now one of the biggest missing names on the board can be crossed out with the induction of Rude.

Rude was perhaps the most charismatic bad guy to ever step into a wrestling ring. I liked his flashy and colorful robes as well as his interesting ring gear, which you would usually use to antagonize his opponents. When Rude finally did get into the ring he would antagonize all of the wrestling fans telling them to keep the noise down while he took off his robe to show all the ladies in the audience what a real man actually looked like.

Rude had a four-year run in the WWE back when it was called the WWF which saw him becoming Intercontinental champion defeating the Ultimate Warrior and a shocking match. Rude eventually left to go on to wrestle in WCW for more money and eventually defeating Sting for the United States Championship less than a month after he debuted in the company.

Modern-day wrestling fans probably remember Rude for being one of the original members of DX before jumping ship to WCW and one of the most infamous moments in the Monday Night Wars where he simultaneously appeared on both WWE Raw and WCW Nitro simultaneously.

Rude died at the age of 40 on 4/20/99 from heart failure while attempting to get back in shape for a final run in the WWE’s wrestling ring.

He definitely had a Hall of Fame-worthy  career and will be honored on April 17th of this year. All that’s left is to see who will be joining him and DDP at that night ceremony.

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