Rihanna Set to Play A Villain In Fast and Furious 6

Rihanna may be making her film debut in Battleship which hits US theaters in just a few weeks but it looks like the music star has been bit by the acting bug signing on for a leading part in the sixth installment of the Fast and Furious hit action franchise.Rihanna

Rihanna will be playing a villainous character alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson, Paul Walker and Vin diesel with the majority of her screen time being filmed in London. We’re told that reality needn’t actually have to audition for the role because producers were extremely impressed with her acting debut in the movie battleship. They have actually gone on record saying that she’s perfect for the role and her character has plenty of bite and does not take any prisoners just like how Rihanna is in real life.

It doesn’t look like her acting career will be ending anytime soon with other roles already opening up for Rihanna and even bigger starring opportunities are on the horizon depending on how her performance in The Fast and Furious 6 is received by critics and the general public.

I know it may not be a nice thing to say but I cannot hope they cast Chris Brown in this movie as well and let her character beat the crap out of them. I think I’d actually pay to watch that even if it was all scripted and staged.

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