Robert Kennedy’s ex-wife Mary found dead in an apparent suicide

Marry Kenny, who was the ex-wife of Robert R Kennedy Jr, was reportedly found dead this morning in her New York home. The cause of death for the 52-year-old Mary Kennedy is currently being listed as suicide.marry-kennedy

Mary Kennedy and Robert Kennedy Jr. (who happen to be the third eldest child of Robert Kennedy’s 11 kids), were married for 16 years before ultimately deciding to get a divorce which was granted in May of 2010.

Our sources tell us that Mary Kennedy had struggles with depression going back quite a few years and not even like to her being arrested for DUI just three days after Robert Kennedy Jr. filed for divorce from.

Mary Kennedy is survived by her ex-husband Robert Kennedy Jr. and their four children. No word yet on funeral arrangements as she only passed away a few hours ago an autopsy is still pending.

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