Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees in a Coma


300.ab.gibb.101811Just a few months after Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb declared himself “in remission” from: cancer that reportedly spread all the way to his liver, the singer now finds himself battling for his life as we received word here slipped into a coma after contracting pneumonia.

While specific details regarding the current condition of the 62-year-old disco icon have yet to be confirmed sources close to Gibb say that the doctors found a secondary tumor and the singer is gravely ill.

Gibb’s latest health problems come just a feel weeks after he underwent emergency surgery back on March 26th to remove a blood clot that caused the perforation. That procedure followed an earlier operation for a twisted intestine said to be on related to his battle with cancer.

We are all praying for Robin Gibb and hoping for a speedy recovery. Hopefully, he will be up and singing again in the not so distant future.

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