Roger Ebert announces At the Movies will go on hiatus at the end of December

Ebert Presents At The Movies will be going on hiatus at the end of December after running out of time and money.

The one-year-old television show had marked the return to television of legendary Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert. It was taped at the same WTTW channel 11 studio were Ebert in the late Gene Siskel launched Sneak Previews back in 1976.

Ebert and his wife, Chaz, have been funding the show themselves after an initial $25,000 donation from anbar Charitable Trust. This task in the end proved to be too expensive and time-consuming.

Ebert’s first run on public television lasted until 1982, when he and Siskel left to start “At the Movies,” a commercially-syndicated review show. “Sneak Previews” continued on public television with different hosts until its cancellation in 1996.

When Siskel died in 1999, Ebert partnered with Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper, but left the air in 2006 while being treated for thyroid cancer. A variety of critics attempted to fill his seat until the show’s cancellation in 2010.

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