Romantic comedy Food Guide To Love green lighted and begins shooting next month

Food Guide To Love a Dublin set romantic comedy starring Richard Coyle (Coupling)and singer/actress Leonor Watling is scheduled to Richard Coyle food guide to love begin shooting in Ireland on August 7, 2012.

The film will be directed by the Spanish husband and wife team of Dominic Harari and Teresa de Pelegri and is currently in preproduction right now in Dublin, Ireland. The film had described at a just functional love story between an Irish food writer named Oliver Byrne in a politically involved Spanish woman named Bibiana. Oliver writes a weekly newspaper column titled ‘The Food Guide to Love’ and main premise of the film is tons of romantic blunders.

Food Guide To Love will shoot on location in Dublin for six weeks and quite interesting it will not have any sets built opting instead to film entirely with pre-existing buildings and in public locations. Locations On Camden Street, Grantham Street, Grand Canal, Lincoln Place and Charlotte Quay are already set to be used in the film.

‘Food Guide To Love’ will be released next year and has received funding through the Irish Film Board, Television Espanola, the Spanish Film Board and Canal+. The feature received a production loan from the Irish Film Board worth €275,000 in addition to a €15,000 fiction development loan in November 2010.

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