Salli Richardson & Greg Cromer Join Roseanne Barr’s NBC Comedy

Eureka star Salli Richardson and Greg Cromer have signed on for the pilot episode of Roseanne Barr’s NBC show Downwardly Mobile.

The show stars Rosanne Barr as the owner of a mobile home park and a sort of surrogate mother to all of the tenants who live in the park. Cromer will play Denby and lovable former rich guy who lost everything in a Ponzi scheme and relocated to the trailer park with his wife (Richardson) in order to start over his life with a fresh start at the bottom.

The thing I’m looking forward to about this show is this going to reunite Roseanne Barr with her former Roseanne costar John Goodman who plays Buzz on the show. There’s been some good times between these two and some very bad blood between them which resulted in Goodman leaving Roseanne back in the day. Hopefully they’ve mended fences because there is some great chemistry between the two and this is a show that I would really like to see succeed on NBC.

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