Scientology takes on South Park?

Scientology takes on South Park? Um, you’re doing it wrong! Shouldn’t that be the other way around? According to a former member of the Church Of Scientology organization conducted background checks on anyone it believed were friends of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. This practice started after the 2005 airing of the south park episode Trapped in the Closet,” which poked fun at the church and more specifically it’s most high profile member Tom Cruise.

Former Church of Scientology executive Mark “Marty” Rathburn published on his website a report allegedly written by Scientology’s Commanding Officer, Office of Special Affairs, which, according to Rathburn, shows that the organization investigated all matters of public record of people it thought may give them direct access to the South Park creators in order to get a pair to leave the Church out of the shows storyline. These people included John Stamos, his ex-wife Rebecca Romijn, and South Park consultant Matt Prager.

Neither side would go on record about the incident are comment on whether a meeting between the show creators and leaders of the Church of Scientology ever took place.

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