Sean Bean set to take on The Oath


It looks as though Sony’s free ad-supported streaming network Crackle has finally found a big Hollywood name after a very long search. Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings star Sean Bean has been cast to star in Crackle’s upcoming original streaming drama The Oath.

Crackle announced The Oath will have a 10 episode run beginning in 2018 and will be produced by 50 Cent and his G-Unit Film and Television Inc. it was also announced Jeff T. Thompson of Blindspot fame will be directing the debut episode of the show.

The network describes The Oath as a gritty, action drama show that will explore the world of gangs made up of those sworn to protect and defend. It will also shed light on secret societies which are nearly impossible to join and those who seek to bring them to light.

Sony announced The Oath is the creation of Joe Halpin of Hawaii Five-O fame. Halpin does know a lot about the criminal world since he did work for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in south-central for 17 years in which 12 of those were actually as in undercover officer.

Sean Bean will be playing Tom Hammond a ruthless leader of a gang comprised of people had sworn to uphold the law. He ends up getting arrested after making a deal with an undercover FBI agent. After his release, Hammond (Sean Bean) is determined to make his way back to becoming the gang leader forcing him to go up against those people who once had his back before his incarceration.

“Sean Bean is the perfect choice for the role of Tom Hammond,” says Eric Berger, Crackle GM and EVP, Digital, Sony Pictures Television Networks. “He embodies the grit and intensity that drives this character throughout the series’ uncompromising and fast paced narrative. We are excited to have him anchor this incredible production from Joe Halpin and 50 Cent’s G-Unit division.”

Production and filming for The Oath is set to begin in Puerto Rico this July.


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