Sean Young Arrested after Trying to Crash Oscars party

Poor Dr. Drew it looks like he may have another rehab failure story on his hands. Sean Young who is best known for well, being on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, oh and she was also played Rachel in Blade Runner was arrested last night for allegedly trying to crash an Oscars party.

Apparently Sean Young didn't have a ticket to the Governors Ball which if you didn't know is a Oscars after party that is pretty much A list only. Young couldn't get in because she didn't have a ticket so she hung out at the entrance of the ball and photobombed a bunch of A-list stars. After allegedly hassling Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie security was called and asked her to leave the premises since he did not have a ticket.

Young left for a while and then came back to the party again. This time when security stepped in and asked her to leave a second time she allegedly punched the security guard who then placed her under citizens arrest for battery. The police came and took her away and after a few hours she was released from locked up in Hollywood.

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