Sleepy Hollow adds Nikki Reed as seamstress Betsy Ross

Sleepy Hollow is officially becoming a bit more patriotic.

Nikki Reed, who is best known for training Rosalie Hale in the Twilight movies has been cast as a series regular playing the role of Betsy Ross in Sleepy Hollow’s upcoming third season.

This Betsy Ross is going to be quite a bit different than the one you remember from history class. When casting the role of the flags first seamstress and former girlfriend of Ichabod Crane producers were looking for the following:

“Think more Angelina Jolie than frumpy Martha Stewart — a kickass Mrs. Smith to Ichabod Crane’s Mr. Smith. … [Betsy] is ruthless, smart and fearless, adjusting to blend in to whatever the situation demands, from demure handmaiden to honeypot to cutthroat spy.”

Although most of Reed’s previous work has been on the big screen, she also recurred on The O.C. for several episodes in 2006.

Here’s hoping she doesn’t turn out evil like most of Ichabod’s other love interests.

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