Steven Tyler’s Fall Was Not Alcohol Related

When word got out that Steven Tyler had fallen in the shower during Aerosmith’s South American tour injuring himself so badly he needed stitches people started wondering if this singer had once again fallen off the wagon.

Tyler called in to NBC’s today show to make sure the public understands that drinking was not the issue.

“Being in the program that I’m in, its something I have to accept,” he said this morning. “I went public with my problems to address them straight on. People thinking that is natural and normal — it’s nothing that I don’t understand. I get that people think that. It bothers me a little, but it’s something I have to deal with for the rest of my life.”

So what really happened? Tyler explains: “Quite frankly, I passed out. I was in the shower, I got nauseous, I started to get sick, I fell on my face,” he said. “What’s it called when you eat something … Montezuma’s revenge. I took a walk with the Inca’s for 48 hours. I walked in looking like [Mikhail] Baryshnikov and walked out looking like Leon Spinks.”

Tyler was found by his manager, who called the American embassy and brought the American Idol judge to the best local hospital. “It was like one stop shopping,” Tyler said. “They stitched up my eye, they did a little plastic surgery and they fixed my tooth all in one fell swoop.”

Tyler assures fans that the South American tour will go on and Aerosmith will be coming to them shortly. He said sure to losing a leg he will be on that stage no matter what.

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