Still missing Nick Stahl reportedly e-mails friends

Nick Stahl the star of Terminator 3 who earlier this week was reported missing by his wife sent an e-mail late Friday to some of his friends insisting that he is okay and plans on entering rehab for a while.

Rose Stahl says that she’s relieved that he is apparently okay because she had been worried that he would die in some abandoned building in Los Angeles from a drug overdose. She also says that she’s skeptical that he is actually in rehab.Nick Stahl still missing in LA

The Los Angeles police department said that an e-mail isn’t enough to take care of the missing person report so the case will stay open. Our source at the LAPD also told us that the e-mail itself was "unemotional and unapologetic" and was sent out about 10 p.m. on Friday, saying he’s okay, that he was entering a 30-day rehab program that night, and that he planned to make some arrangements to get his clothing from his home.

Unfortunately, the e-mail offered no clue as to why Stahl disappeared on May 9th or actually even confirmed that he has been out on skid row using drugs as many suspect. Hopefully this whole missing person thing gets wrapped up soon and Nick Stahl gets into rehab for real.

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