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Gerard Butler Goes To Rehab

February 24, 2012

Gerard Butler the star of films such as "The 300" and "The Bounty Hunter" has checked into the Betty Ford Center in California to receive treatment for substance abuse. Gerard actually checked into the facility about three weeks ago after realizing he was becoming dependent on prescription drugs. His problems were originally triggered on the set of the hit film The 300 where Butler became dependent on painkillers to...

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Gerard Butler Doing Fine After Serious Surfing Accident

December 20, 2011

Hollywood actor Gerard Butler, who has been going with the thin blond haired surfer look for his upcoming acting role as a big-wave surfboarder in the film “Of Men and Mavericks,” got a taste of what it is actually like to tempt the waves at Northern California’s legendary Mavericks surf spot. This past Sunday, Gerard Butler was shooting a scene that called for him to paddle his surfboard out...

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