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Stephen Hawking To Make Big Bang Cameo

March 13, 2012

On a show that glorifies nerdiness a cameo by physicist Stephen Hawking probably qualifies as a wet dream. So I guess those dreams do come true because last Friday Stephen Hawking filmed a scene to air on a future episode of The Big Bang Theory. Jim Parsons who plays Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the show has been trying for years to get Stephen Hawking on the show but due...

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Big Bang Theory Nabs Leonard Nimoy

February 29, 2012

The Big Bang Theory has nabbed in most logical cameo from actor Leonard Nimoy but there's a twist. Nimoy who played the iconic Spock on Star Trek will make his debut on the show on March 29 but he will be heard and not seen. Reportedly Nimoy will speak to Sheldon (Jim Parsons) as Spock in a dream sequence. If you recall Sheldon's obsession with Nimoy has actually been...

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