Taylor Lautner Joins Adam Sandler In ‘Grown Ups 2’


Copie-de-Taylor-Lautner150609-180046_XLTaylor Lautner has signed on to what’s already being called this sequel that did not have to be made Grown Up’s 2.

Lautner will join the Adam Sandler film along with most of its original cast who will be returning to the sequel including its leading man Adam Sandler, as well as Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Maya Rudolph and Salma Hayek. Were told that Oliver Cooper also recently joined the cast. Director Dennis Dugan will be back to helm Grown Ups 2.

The twilight star will be making an appearance in what is being referred to as a “fun” role which lets him go to to toe with Adam Sandler.

Right now on bottom and women predict that this movie brings in about $150 million domestically and $250 million worldwide which is the average number for just about every Adam Sandler film. It’s almost like this guy could probably use a camcorder and just film 90 min. of his life and it earned about $150 million dollars. This is why we don’t get good movies people. For once I wish people would just stand up and not watch films that are for the lack of a better term complete crap and don’t even get me started on Taylor Lautner’s acting ability or lack thereof.

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