Taylor Swift borrowed over $13,000 worth of clothes from a sex shop

Taylor Swift might be a multi-millionaire but that does not mean she’s willing to open her purse strings for just anything. When she needed outfits for her Bad Blood music video she didn’t want the hassle of purchasing all of them for just one shoot so she just borrowed them. However, where does one get tons of sexually suggestive latex clothing? At your local sex shop apparently. Taylor actually sent her people into The Stockroom in Los Angeles, California and borrowed a a little over $13,000 of tight sexy outfits and other adult themed items. We just hope it was properly cleaned beforehand then again they may sell better if there were not.

Their borrowed items included the flesh-coloured dress Taylor wore (which is listed at $235) and the latex top worn by Selena Gomez ( listed at $360).

Shawn Gentry, the shops manager told The New York Post that the apparel was picked up in early April and that they were extremely secretive about who the items were for. He also went on record that the team didn’t take anything from the, erm, other range of items/toys that they offer in the store.

They actually did, however, end up purchasing somewhere around $5,000 worth of Adult stuff. We will leave the possible reasons why to your dirty imagination.

Swift’s video for Bad Blood boasted loads of her celebrity friends, including Karlie Kloss, Cindy Crawford, Ellen Pompeo, and Mariska Hargitay, and actually broke the Vevo world record!

The music video, which was premiered at the Billboard Music Awards registered 20.1 million views in just 24 hours, knocking the previous record holder Nicki Minaj and her track Anaconda off the top spot.

Once she heard the news, Taylor went on to Twitter and wrote: “FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW YOU BROKE THE VEVO WORLD RECORD THANK YOU”.

Did you enjoy this video or did you think it was just a bunch of fluff?

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