Teen Mom Jenelle Evans arrested for allegedly assaulting her ex’s girlfriend

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans was arrested and booked on assault charges Thursday after supposedly getting into an altercation with her ex-fiancé’s current girlfriend.

Police officers responded to a residence around 2 PM where a 29-year-old woman informed police officers that she had went to the home with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, to get back some of his missing belongings from his old place of residence. This is when Evans reportedly threw a full drinking glass at the woman’s head striking her and injuring her when it shattered.

Evans was taken into custody and booked on third-degree assault, making this Evans’s third arrest in 2015 alone. Back on May 28, Evans is charged with criminal domestic violence for allegedly assaulting her then boyfriend Griffith. Also, if you recall back in February Evans was arrested for driving a vehicle without a license.

Evans and Griffith, have a one-year-old son together had been engaged back in January but split up this past July.In addition to Evans’ May arrest, Griffith was also arrested on domestic violence charges in March and Evans was arrested in 2013 for allegedly assaulting Griffith while pregnant.

Can you tell me again why these people are celebrities? All they did was give birth to a child as a teenager.

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