The Avengers 2 Has Been Greenlit

In a move that probably surprised nobody at all The Avengers 2 has already been greenlit by Disney after its record-breaking domestic opening of $207.1 million ($700 million worldwide just in case you’re wondering).the_avengers-2

Anyway yesterday Disney CEO Bob Eager announced that Marvel Studios is already developing The Avengers 2. No word yet was returning but common sense dictates that the main stars of the film will return in all likelihood they will find a way to bring back Joss Whedon to write and direct the film.

No word yet as well as to when the film is going to be released or for that matter even begin actual filming but in all likelihood that’s quite a ways away sense Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Thor 2 and an Ant-Man Marvel film are all expected to be in theaters within the next two years.

What does all this mean? Other than the fact that we get to see another hero collaboration movie I guess the only other thing you take from this is in all likelihood those above-mentioned superhero films will probably be used to set in motion the events portrayed in the next avengers film much like the last group of superhero films did as well.

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