The Best Cosplay Winners from the 2014 Phoenix Comicon

While the panels and the vendor hall were probably the main attractions at the 2014 Phoenix Comicon, the amazing cosplay by attendees may end up being what most people end up remembering. Whether are not you dressed up or just enjoyed watching all of the cosplayers, thousands of cosplayers made the 2014  Phoenix Comicon an welcomed treat for the entire Phoenix metro.

The Comicon kicked off on Thursday and lasted four days, during which our staff and various contributors took hundreds of awesome photos of great cosplay. I’ve went through them all selected the 2014 JCR winners.

Best Female Cosplay (Individual)


This was an easy one. The Zombie Barbie was scary, original and quite frankly a bit disturbing. There were a lot of interesting zombies at the Phoenix Comicon but Zombie Barbie just managed to stand out the most.

Best Male Cosplay Individual


The Thing is taking home the prize as best male cosplay for Phoenix Comicon. He looked awesome, and quite frankly it takes a lot of guts to wear a costume like this in 110 degree Phoenix weather. This guy rocked and even took the time to pose with anybody/everybody who wanted to snap a pic.

Best Cosplay Duo


Detailed doesn’t even begin to describe this costume tribute to the movie Fight Club . It went beyond just looking almost exactly like the characters of The Narrator  and Tyler Durden , as they carried around a briefcase filled with an IKEA-esque catalog, airplane tickets, and what appeared to be handmade soap.

Best Cosplay Group


Group costumes are starting to become a thing at all comicons and the 2014 Phoenix Comicon didn’t disappoint. The best costumed ensemble we saw at Phoenix Comicon this year, hands down, was this pack of Dothraki from Game of Thrones. This eight-person ensemble  donned leather-like gear to play the members of the HBO show’s nomadic tribe of warrior horselords.

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