The death of a man named Bill Cosby

Today we here at Juicy Celebrity Rumors will attempt to compose a mournful epitaph for the comedy career of one of America’s favorite TV dads while Bill Cosby the man behind such a beloved character still is alive.

Bill Cosby is a repeat and unrepentant sexual predator and the proof is in the Jello pudding. We can bicker about what exactly happened and how many women he actually assaulted, but the words spoken by him in his own deposition clearly show his sick sexual predatory tendencies.

It’s beyond being distressing or deplorable. For a lot of people myself included, Bill Cosby was like a distant but real surrogate father who I idolized more than my real-life father. His caring face, silly grin, and childlike comedic glee combined with useful life lessons, caused me feel almost like I was one of the Huxtable kids.

Without a doubt, his career is extinct. Never again will we savour a new Cosby show or television special. All that’s left is working out how to salvage what’s left of his legacy, not for this sick bastards sake but because he was an important part of TV history. There’s no denying Bill Cosby’s comedy genius, but, he should never have been able to have a storied career while behaving as badly as he did.

After some time, I probably will still enjoy his work, without viewing him as a demented and despicable monster, much as I view all other non-reality television characters.

All the same, my main concern is for the victims. For them, the beloved face of American Family Values and the Worlds Greatest Dad looks more comparable the supercilious hell born monster. Let’s work to get his future projects cancelled, and his shows removed from broadcast television and relegated to streaming video the user chooses to watch or ignore.

Unfortunately, we are unable to change the past, but we are able to learn from this and, in the future, hopefully, notice the warning signs of celebrity sexual predation and encourage victims to speak up sooner, rather than later.

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