The Golden State Warriors are the 2017 NBA Champions

For the second time in three seasons, the Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions!

Some people want to put an asterisk on this win because in order to beat Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers the Warriors had to add former NBA MVP Kevin Durant during the off-season. I for one don’t look at it that way because they played by the rules and built a superteam.

The biggest take away from the NBA finals is how great Kevin Durant can be when he’s not expected to be the one carrying his team. Today he became the first player since Shaquille O’Neal in 2000 to score 30 points in five consecutive NBA Finals games.

Lebron James did all he could, but the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t really help them out. In fact, Lebron averaged a triple-double in five games and has 41 points, 13 rebounds, and seven assists tonight it wasn’t enough to stop the insanely talented Warriors team. insanely talented Warriors team.

Here’s to hoping the NBA just something to put an end to these “super teams” and makes professional basketball fun to watch again.