The Lindsay Lohan Issue Of Playboy is Selling Fast

The day after Lindsay Lohan’s highly anticipated Playboy magazine cover issue and spread were released, media reports began circulating which claimed that nobody was purchasing the Lindsay Playboy issue. As a matter of fact a lot of store owners were reportedly annoyed by the lack of interest in the magazine and predicted they would end up sending back almost all of of the copies. Well, now it appears those assumptions were a little premature because yesterday, word began to spread that the Lindsay Lohan issue of Playboy might actually break records.

According to TMZ, newsstands in most major cities have began ordering additional copies and their counterparts in smaller neighbourhoods are reportedly considering doing the exact same thing. It appears as though they can not stock them faster than people are purchasing them, and that success has translated online too. Playboy has reportedly seen an unprecedented growth in purchases and subscriptions through its internet site.

This actually makes me very happy. Once upon a time, Playboy stood for something. That message may have included naked photographs of women, but it also featured wonderful works of fiction, great journalism and interesting interviews with people that mattered. Thanks in part to the blossoming online porn industry, Playboy’s sales have been taking a huge hit, and its reputation and sophistication have suffered.

Without doubt these sales figures probably feel like sweet vindication for Hugh Hefner who was widely criticized for offering Lohan nearly a million dollars for her work

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