The Muppets Named As Oscar Presenters


The Muppets might not be singing during this year's Oscar award show, but apparently they'll be in the house. I'm kinda excited that one of the world's most famous couples Brad and Angelina are now going to have some stiff red carpet competition in the form of a frog and a pig.
Though the Oscar producers Brian Grazer and Don Mischer have chosen not to include any onstage performances of the two nominated Muppet songs, including "Man or Muppet,"  but atleast they've booked the Muppets to be presenters on the show, ABC and the Academy announced on Friday.
Unfortunately it looks as if new Muppet Walter, who sings the Bret McKenzie song "Man or Muppet" with "How I met Your Mother" star Jason Segel, was snubbed once again: According to the press release, the Muppets power couple of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy will be handling the Oscar presenting responsibilities.
Strangely this marks the first time an announcement of Oscar-show presenters has been made by ABC prior to being made by the Academy. One possible reason for this is that ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Company, which released "The Muppets." The decision to omit the nominated songs from the Oscar show had led to an online petition to let the Muppets participate. As of Friday, the petition had received more than 62,000 signatures.
Here's hoping that the Muppets upstage the humans at the show.

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