The Wiggles are retiring!

Millions of children are going to be disappointed when they hear this news. After 21 years and more than 6,000 shows together, 3 of the 4 famous Wiggles are calling it quits, piling into the Big Red Car and driving off into a well-deserved retirement.The-Wiggles-retire

In their newsletter that went out to millions of email inbox’s today the Wiggles said:“Jeff, Murray and Greg have decided it’s time to step off the stage and hand over the Purple, Red and Yellow skivvies to a new generation of Wiggles.”

The next  generation Wiggles have apparently already been selected  and evidently it doesn’t include Sam, the Yellow Wiggle who replaced Greg a few years ago after he was forced to retire do to illness

“We can’t wait for you to meet Emma, Lachlan and Simon, who will put on the Yellow, Purple and Red skivvies and join Anthony on stage next year,” they write, adding that Jeff, Greg and Murray will still be involved behind the scenes.

I was saddened by this news because most of my children grew up loving to watch the Wiggles. Now that their too old to watch and the Wiggles are retiring I feel as though we just lost a part of my children’s childhood. Hopefully, the newest Wiggles are just as good as the original Wiggles.

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