Tim Burton Remake of Mary Poppins To Star Cate Blanchett

Even a spoonful of sugar couldn’t help this news go down any easier. Supposedly Tim Burton will be remaking the very popular film Mary Poppins.

We love the original, but can you imagine how insane a Tim Burton directed remake will be? Reportedly, Cate Blanchett will be starring as the world’s most famous nanny but with Burton directing one can only assume that there will be tons of mischief and horror a foot. Reports also suggest that Sam Riley would be co-starring as chimney sweep Burt.

We’ve heard from a number of sources that both Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp have turned down starring roles in this film so one has to wonder if there is some type of trouble in creepy movie paradise.

The movie poster alone is enough to make you say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”!

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