TLC To Premier Deep-Water Fishing Series

TLC has picked up a seven episode family documentary series set in the competitive world of deep sea fishing titled Hook, Line & Sisters. The series is set to premiere on TLC December 29, 2011, chronicles the life of the Andersons, a Colorado family comprised of a mom, dad and 2 twentysomething year-old daughters who make a living deep water fishing in Alaska.

Hook, Line & Sisters will be covering the events of the families lives during the three-month Alaskan fishing season, where if they don’t have a successful season they’re doomed to face financial hardships. The series centers around 26-year-old Sierra and 21-year-old Memry who find themselves in the male dominated industry of deep water fishing as a way to support themselves while trying to improve their relationship with their fishermen/sea captain father Dean Anderson.

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