Tom Cruise To Star In Van Helsing Reboot

You really couldn’t call Van Helsing a movie failure since it grossed more than $300 million. However, studio execs considered it a horrible movie lacking creativity which is why you’ve never seen a sequel.Tom-Cruise-sunglasses_l

Rather than making a second film on the Van Helsing storyline Universal has decided to reboot the entire film and bring in some star power to help it get off the ground. They brought in veteran screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman to write the new film and they’re pretty good at reboots being the ones behind JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot and of course were the ones that rebooted The Mummy franchise.

Most notably however is the fact that the new Van Helsing reboot will be starring Tom Cruise. With Universal bringing in these writers exclusively in the addition of Tom Cruise to the project one can surely bet that this is going to be a very high budget film that will be special effects driven. Since most of the money will be going to the special effects don’t look for any other big-name stars to be attached to the project unless there someone on the downside of their career and still have a marketable name overseas.

I predict this film will do about the same as the original but be bigger overseas since that’s where the majority of the market for Tom Cruise is located. I don’t know I think I would’ve been happier if it would’ve brought Hugh Jackman back and just tried making a decent follow-up film as opposed to an entire reboot.

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