Topanga From ‘Boy Meets World’ Is Graduating From College

Danielle Fishel (Topanga from the television show Boy Meets World and the upcoming Walt Disney pilot Girl Meets World) disclosed on her Tumblr that she’s just taken her last 2 final examinations and is anticipating graduating from college in the very near future at the age of thirty-one.topanga-graduate

I went back to school 4 years ago at 27 years old. I had attempted to go a couple times before then, even going so far as to take my placement exams and sign up for classes, but I could never follow through and actually go. I was too afraid of being the old lady in class, of being whispered about, and especially of not remembering how to do simple math equations. After my 27th birthday, I made the decision to stop letting fear be a factor in fulfilling my dreams and living the life I wanted, so with a little encouragement from friends and family, I enrolled. And I went. I went every day and took copious notes and studied my little old lady heart out. Yes, I was sometimes the oldest person in class, I was whispered about many times, and I did forget how to do a few math equations. But I persevered and sometimes I wasn’t the oldest person in class, some of the whisperers became good friends, and I did so well in math, I even became a tutor. And that is how I met my fiancé. :)

It’s nice to see a good story about a former child star so congratulations Danielle!

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