Trey Songz arrested after Detroit concert

Tremaine Aldon Neverso aka Trey Songz was arrested in Detroit last night following a concert at the Joe Louis Arena.

The Grammy-nominated singer is facing charges of resisting or obstructing an arrest and malicious destruction of property.

Trey Songz, was in the Motor City for a concert along with numerous other artists. Video’s that have surfaced online shows Songz saying that he has been told his music set had gone too long but that he planned to continue regardless. He told fans that he loved Detroit and that if they switched off his microphone he was going to tear up the stage.

Not long afterward his mike was turn off and Songz began to demolish stuff on the stage at the Joe Louis Arena.

According to Detroit police department, a sergeant went onstage in an attempt to stop the singer. That is when they were hit by debris being tossed by the artist. The police officer suffered a concussion and is presently at a Detroit-area hospital recuperating from what police described as “minor injuries.”

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