USA’s ‘Royal Pains’ To Do Two-Hour Movie

Royal Pains, which finished its fourth season last night will have a two-hour movie dedicated to the wedding of of Evan (Paulo Costanzo) and Royal pains moviePaige (Brooke D’Orsay) airing in December of this year.

The holiday special, will feature a lot of flashbacks, a snowstorm and the return of some of the shows former guests, will air Sunday, December 16. The movie is set a few months after the summer finale and for the very first time in Royal Pains history viewers will get to see the Hamptons in the winter. As a result of fans getting a movie in December Royal Pains will not be showing it’s customary 6-episode midseason episodes which usually follow the summer season ones. This year the network opted for a longer, 14-episode summer run for Season 4, which is joined by a two-hour holiday special.

This is USA networks 2d attempt to expand a popular series franchise with a film. The network previously did it with the Burn Notice prequel focused on Bruce Campbell’s character, which aired back in April 2011.

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