Voice-over Star Christine Cavanaugh Dead at 51

Renowned cartoon voice actress Christine Cavanaugh, who was the voice of Chuckie from the Nickelodeon show “Rugrats” as well as other well known television and movie characters, passed away on Dec. 22 at the age of 51. The cause of her death has not yet been released.

Cavanaugh was also celebrated for her voice-over roles as Goslyn Duck from “Dark Wing Duck” and Babe the pig from the 1995 movie. Cavanaugh retired from voice acting in 2001. Her character in “Rugrats” was replaced by Nancy Cartwright — who’s most famous for voicing Bart Simpson.

“She was able to do incredible and amazing things with her voice and bring lots of smiles and many laughs to many people who are now young adults. Christine retired from her voice career in 2001 and moved to be closer to her family,” her obituary published today in the Los Angeles Times read.


“Christine lived her life the way she wanted. Accolades, notoriety, and recognition were not the reason for her interest in entertainment, it was for the love of entertainment, to make people smile. When her life changed she found herself needing the quiet of the country and her love changed from entertaining to hiking, reading, writing and living a simple life,” her obituary continued.


Cavanaugh is survived by her dad, Kirt Johnson, her brother Kirtis, and sister Deionn, and her nieces and nephews. She also had a handful of half siblings. The obituary added that a memorial stone was placed in her honor on Antelope Island, a place she loved.


We’ve lost so many talented people this year! Thank goodness 2014 is almost over.


RIP Christine Cavanaugh you and your wonderful voices will be missed.



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