Warner Bros. shuts down filming of Bachelor in Paradise

Warner Bros. shut down filming for the show “Bachelor in Paradise” after receiving complaints about two of the contestants performing sexual acts in a swimming pool while it investigates the allegations of misconduct.

This past Sunday while filming at a Mexican resort DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios who as you remember were considered villains from previous shows allegedly hooked up as instructed by producers but things got a little out of hand. With cameras rolling the pair retreated to a nearby pool and took off their clothing and began to make out. While things did get a bit nasty in the pool (Stroking, fingering, etc.) the couple were not able to actually perform complete intercourse because DeMario was unable to get an erection due to the large amount of alcohol he had drunk.

DeMario and Corrine were immediately released from the show once an unnamedĀ producer filed a formal complaint with Warner Bros. about their conduct. Warner Bros. immediately opened an investigation and while it still pending they actually released the entire cast and crew due to other misconduct violations.

No word on when/if production of the show will resume and who will actually be taking part in it.

All we can say right now is “EWWWW!”