Warning Do Not Prank Call Terrence Howard

This is a warning to all you jokesters outthere: If you make prank phone call or just maybe make a mistake and dial the wrong number and end up placining phone calls to Terrence Howard’s wife your life to be in jeopardy.

At any rate that’s what one unknown caller found out on August 31. After Howard’s wife accedently received a few telephone calls---prank calls actually meant for him — the Oscar-nominated actor left a voice message threatening to murder the person who made the phone call.

“Call my wife again, and I’m gonna come to your house,” Howard said, “and I’m gonna cut your f----- throat.”

Nevertheless, the Hustle & Flow star quickly learned that he actually dialed the wrong number. Howard did try to make ammends the following week, leaving the stranger another voice message apologizing for the threats. He also sent a text to the prank caller saying:

"I'm so sorry for calling you and speaking that way," Terrence said. "I thought you were somebody that's been harassing my wife. Please forgive me."

So be careful outthere and don't mess with Terrence...

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