What is going to happen to Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary?

Gary, Carrie Fisher’s beloved service dog that she adopted to help with her bipolar disorder was a constant figure that actress and writer’s life ever since she got adopted him. He is a very devoted dog and was actually at her side when her heart stopped on her flight to LAX. Gary was even able to pay her a visit at the UCLA Medical Center prior to her death.

One of the questions that a lot of people have had ever since Carrie Fisher passed away is what is going to happen to her four-year-old French bulldog, Gary.

Fans have no need to worry because Gary is going to go to Carrie’s daughter Billie Lourd as per Carrie Fisher’s wishes.

Fortunately, Billie is very good at it carry for dogs as she has a frenchie of her own named Tina, who also just happens to be Gary’s best friend! Hopefully, Gary is able to transition to his new owner and not mourn too long for his former owner the late Carrie Fisher.

Our hearts go out to Billie and Gary and the rest of the family, friends and fans.

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