What Was She Thinking? Miley Cyrus Gives Boyfriend Giant Penis Cake


We all knew Miley Cyrus was a bit nasty and even downright trailer trashy button on Saturday January 21st at her boyfriends Liam Hemsworth’s birthday held at Club Icon in downtown Los Angeles she took that trashiness a little bit farther with a penis cake.

After her own birthday party controversy due to the bong cake most people were certain the former child star would take the safe road from here on out at least when it came to birthday celebrations to avoid any more controversy. If you would like to see a photograph of the cake please click here. We’re unable to show you the pic on our site due to the fact that well is a picture of a giant penis.

Here's the thing that bothers me. I can understand him buying her a penis cake but what message should we be getting from the fact that she basically is given her boyfriend a huge penis? Let the sexual orientation gossip begin I guess….


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