Whitney Houston Apparently Had a Ton of Sex Tapes With Ray J

Ray J whose penis made its world premiere inside of Kim Kardashian’s mouth in their X-rated videotape apparently has “tons” of dirty X-rated videos with the late Whitney Houston. Reportedly, Whitney Houston’s family is understandably upset and do not want any of the videos or photographs to come to light.

A source told us that tapes were being shopped as recently as a week ago but then abruptly stopped. That actually coincides with members of Whitney Houston’s family contacting Ray J and letting him know their feelings on the matter and their intent to legally smash anyone who would dare to try to sell such tape.

Ray J the man who is known for having a camcorder on hand during any sexual encounter is now denying the case even exist following a backslash of people with common sense would think it would be wrong to sell a sex tape of a drugged up former pop star made just prior to her death.

Will try to keep you posted on this matter and we have spoken with someone who claims to have seen still images of the video.

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  1. Man, I don't wanna see that guy with a corpse!!!!

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