Whoopi Goldberg & Lindsay Lohan Coming to Glee


whoopi-goldberg-the-viewOscar winning actress in current View host Whoopi Goldberg is joining Fox’s television show Glee for multiple episodes and eventually decide Rachel and Kurt’s post-McKinley fate.

Goldberg will play Carmen Tibideaux, a theatrical legend and professor at New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA) who travels to Ohio to preside over Kurt and Rachel’s auditions and hang around long enough to personally deliver a verdict on their fate. Her first episode is scheduled to air on May 1st and Glee’s season finale is on May 22nd.

Whoopi Goldberg isn’t the only celebrity Glee has landed. Apparently they managed to snag while troubled actress and tabloid fixture Lindsay Lohan for one episode. Lindsay will  play herself, serving as a celebrity judge at Nationals.

One’s got to wonder if the best thing that Lindsay Lohan can glindsay-lohan-on-late-night_582x392et is a job playing herself or was this perhaps just the easiest? I think she’ll probably still be able to come back for real after all she still very young and talented.

No word yet if either of these stars will be singing on the show but I sincerely hope they don’t…

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