Why Jennifer Lopez Could Be A Good Thing for American Idol

Jennifer Lopez keeps going back and forth about whether or not she would be returning to her seat behind the judges table on American Idol. There is absolutely no chance that she will leave the show by her own choice because it pays her too much money and gives her tons of publicity which results in album sells and people watching her films.


Jennifer Lopez however, may not even be given the opportunity to come back if she doesn’t take the current deal jennifer-lopez-leaving-American-idolbeing offered. The reason behind this is apparently Idol producers have Mariah Carey waiting in the wing to take Jennifer Lopez’s place out of far less expensive price if she doesn’t re-sign with American Idol in the next few weeks.


I for one think this would be good for Idol because it’s kind of stuck in the ratings and a changeup will probably make you get a lot more viewers. Plus, the addition on Mariah Carey would bring back the whole “villain” aspect that the show’s been lacking ever sense Simon Cowell left a few years ago.


Jennifer Lopez would benefit from this as well because she’ll get to  spend time with her kids and her schedule which is are ready packed due to an upcoming summer tour with Enrique Iglesias. We all know that J Lo is a businesswoman and she keeps a firm eye on the bottom-line and without a pay raise American Idol just probably isn’t worth it for her.

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