Why Lindsay Lohan’s Judge Should Step Down

If you watched any amount of the coverage of Lindsay Lohan’s probation violations it’s fairly obvious that Judge Stephanie Sautner loves the spotlight and being the “hardline judge”. Her own personal opinions of Lindsay Lohan are obvious and if she can’t separate them from the law then she should step down and by her refusal thus far to hand off the case should be seen as a clear reason to remove her from being a judge. Today’s probation revocation is a clear miscarriage of justice. Lindsay Lohan should not be treated like an average Joe because let’s face it she’s not. Paparazzi stalk her out and harass her because they view her as a troubled celebrity and that means big money when she steps out of line. This harassment and stalking make it difficult for the actress to serve out her probation in any place public. Shame on you  Judge Stephanie Sautner as a servant of the people you should know better. Right now you seem to be trying to make a name for yourself. I mean what you want your own judge show like Judge Judy?

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