Will.i.am In Hot Water For Texting During TV Gig

It seems that The Voice must be to boring for coach Will.i.am because The Black Eyed Peas singer is in hot water with BBC bosses after being caught texting and tweeting during a live television show.will.i.am-texting-on-tv

If you’ve ever been on a set is not an easy task to sneak a cell phone onto it let alone use it on set without being noticed. Which is probably why some of the BBC bosses are actually considering letting the star go and finishing the season without him.

Stage producers and Will.i.am allegedly got into a heated argument after the show wrapped in his dressing room and apparently it must have not gotten through to the star that this was a big no-no because he later said: “I wasn’t being rude. I was connecting to people watching.”

This isn’t the first time Will.i.am has gotten producers of the show upset. Last week he saw his acts just twice for 30 minutes and flew off to the US leaving them in the lurch. He abandoned them again just yesterday when he decided to fly to the United States to perform at a fund-raiser for President Obama.

I would be very shocked if he actually was brought back for next season because according to sources none of the other coaches like the star and nearly every producer calls him on professional and extremely rude and disrespectful. I’m kinda curious how this plays out for the remainder of the season or if he ends up getting the boot.

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