William Shatner Is About To Die Well Sort of

After 14 long and fun filled years of helping people save money when they travel, "The Negotiator" will be no more.  Actor William Shatner is leaving his memorable role as pitchman for the online travel site Priceline.com, and he is going outin a blaze of glory not going softly into his good night. His character in fact will be dying after falling off of a cliff. 

Still, as always Shatner must be Shatner, as he first rescues a bus that is about to plummet. "Save yourselves … some money," he advises passengers in his final words.

Shatner's final Priceline commercial is set to debut Monday, and Priceline insists that, while Shatner's "Negotiator" character may be dead, the actor remains under contract to the company. 

As for why they're taking such a drastic step, Priceline CEO Christoper Soder said, "We decided to do something really over the top to get the message across." 

It's not the first time one of his characters has been killed off if you recall  Captain Kirk, died in 1994's Star Trek: Generations. 

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