Witness Comes Forward In Lane Garrison Domestic Violence Case

I guess it turns out that a security camera was the only thing watching the exchange between Lane Garrison and his former girlfriend this past Friday apparently there was a witness as well.


Unfortunately for Lane what this witness is saying isn't something that will help the former Prison Break actor's case. Lane Garrison has been claiming all along that he didn't slap Ashley Mattingly and what the video evidence shows is that he was simply reaching for his cell phone which he took away from him. The witness actually goes against what Lane is claiming and here is what law enforcement officials had to say on the matter:

"A witness has come forward who has told the Beverly Hills Police Department they allegedly witnessed the incident between Ashley and Lane. The witness can't be seen on the surveillance video. This is very damaging evidence against Lane because the D.A. had been inclined to not file charges against Garrison because you can't clearly see him hit Ashley on the video. Lane told cops that he never hit Ashley and that he was simply trying to get his cell phone back that she was holding. The surveillance video has no sound, and this witness would be a very compelling witness for the prosecution. Prosecutors are going to be doing follow up interviews with the unidentified witness, but this is now looking very grim for Lane Garrison."

What's Ironic Is Lane Garrison’s parole was posted end this Saturday and he could've finally moved on with his life without debt hanging over his head but instead he chose to go to his ex-girlfriend's apartment building and confront her allowing this situation to occur. Lane Garrison is looking at a very long time in prison in all likelihood and hopefully that time in prison is going to help him figure a few things out and realize the importance of making smart choices.

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